The Four One One:

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Hey there. If you’re here that means you’re looking for a better insight on the person behind the camera. That’s me!

I’ve been shooting photos for 15 years now… which makes me feel kind of old. But that’s okay! We’ll just go with experienced. Over the years I’ve developed a style that aims to capture the chaotic and intricate details of Canada’s West Coast - something that I’ve taken with me to nearly 30 countries.

I’m currently based out of the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Before moving to the city home base was Vancouver Island. Growing up on the island planted a deep rooted love for the ocean, old growth forests, and an overall passion for the outdoors.

I often find it difficult to pinpoint what kind of photographer I am, as the diversity in subject matter within my work is fairly wide. From weddings to riots, I really try not to limit myself. The world is an amazing place and I just want to capture it all.

Regardless of where I am or what I’m shooting, you will always find my Pacific Northwest roots embedded in each photo with vibrant greens, sapphire blues and glowing warm undertones.

Trandal Norway Van Life Views

I hope my work inspires you to open yourself up to new experiences, to see beauty in seemingly old places, and to appreciate some of the incredible diversity that’s floating around you.

I’m always happy to work and meet new people. Feel free to check out my blog, follow me on social media, or email me at for any questions or inquiries you may have.

Much love and happy adventuring.

- Kimm